If you tend to sit in different positions while gaming or just hate being tethered to your desk, wireless is a sensible choice; otherwise, save the money and the hassle of recharging and get wired headphones instead. Another possibility for surround sound junkies is the JBL Quantum One. Unfortunately, this latter mode didn’t work well for me, with the initial setup process playing extremely loud noises into my ear, pausing and then repeating ad infinitum for about 10 minutes. Later, I pushed the earbud in even further and completed the setup successfully, but the results weren’t noticeably better than the default tuning. In terms of alternatives, the Victrix Gambit is a good wireless plus wired headset that’s often available at a discount. Sound quality is on point with a bass-heavy mix that suits experiental games rather than competitive ones, usability is good with comfortably reachable controls and comfort is excellent with a good range of adjustability. However, mic quality and overall build quality does falter a bit compared to the G Pro X, and you may well prefer a more neutral sound as well.

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In terms of features, there’s a decent-sounding flip-to-mute microphone and an inline volume control on the simple black plastic 3.5mm cable; a 3.5mm splitter adapter is provided for PCs. There’s no built-in surround sound, as you’d expect from a 3.5mm headset, but you can use surround sound solutions from Sony and Microsoft on PS5, Xbox consoles and PC. Astro has also taken strides with repairability, with replaceable ear pads, headband pads and cables which is nice to see.